El Chapo in America

So El Chapo has been extradited to the United States. CURIOUS about something, why wasn’t there all the fear mongering from congress and FOX News on what a threat it would be if the was brought to the United States? Remember when President Obama tried to bring the prisoners from Guantánamo Bay  to the United States and Republicans freaked out because SOMEHOW in an alternate universe it somehow posed a threat to the United States if we brought them here.

The weird thing about that is El Chapo is the head of a  major drug cartel that is has great power and is a real threat here in the United States.  They have real reach here in the United States. Terrorist DO NOT. Terrorist are not the big bogie man that the incoming president make them out to be. They, at least under President Obama which might now change, could not orchestrate a major attack on the United States which what would have been needed to break out any terrorist. However, the drug cartels do have a lot of power here in the United States. That is just a fact of American life.  It was Mexican drug cartels wrote the book on beheading and other great atrocities. Mexican drug cartels have beheaded way more people than ISIS could ever dream of. But we don’t fear them, the real bogie man that live in America. NO we fear a joke of an organization that is dying. Yes, ISIS is a joke.  The best they can do is a few small  attacks in Europe. And that is the best they can do.

But the drug cartels, they can get anyone. They have that kind of power. But you did not see conservatives loose their minds over El Chapo. No no no. They don’t fear real threats, just paper tigers.