I am back and that is what it is.

19 Sept 2016.

So I am coming back to writing. There is so much I want to cover: The elections. sex trafficking and sexual violence, foreign policy, “terrorism, veterans issues,  society and matters of war and peace.   I have had so many issues living in my head and I have to talk about them. Plus, a lot of people want me to get back to writing.

See a lot of ignorance as well that I have to call out. We have the least qualified presidential candidate to ever run for president tying in the polls with arguably the most qualified candidate to have ever run.  Sex trafficking and violence hasn’t gone anywhere and  Black Lives Matter is talking about serious issues that need to be discussed. You all know how much I love talk about war and peace as well as foreign policy  and there is so much to cover there. I also need to talk about the great American freak out that is called terrorism:   Be afraid of the boogie man boys and girls.

So yeah, I am back here. I hope to write here at least once a day though would like to write more than that. I am also getting back to my other blogs My Journey into Film and Schroyboy so I have a lot of writing ahead. I want writing to be apart of my everyday life. I want to be known for my writings and the only way to do that is to write and write well. I know a lot of people want me to start again and I know this is what I am suppose to be doing.

What to do in Ukraine

Ok so, Russian has sent paratroopers into Ukraine. Very smart move. When you to invade a country, kick ass and take names you send paratroopers. So here is what I propose, we send our paratrooper to go against their paratroopers.   82nd Airborne and the 173rd versus Russian paratroopers. Whoever wins get to keep the territory. And as a a bonus to Russia, we will let you use your Special Forces have 2 for everyone of our paratroopers. So what do you think?

And what do we do with the airborne that don’t go to Ukraine? You send them to Iraq to destroy ISIS.

Hamas has vowed to destroy Israel. So?

Hamas has vowed to destroy Israel. You hear it all the time from Israeli representatives and pro-Israeli pundits say it all the time.  So my question is, so?  Seriously how is that going to happen? War game that out for me. Hamas has an army, if you want to call it that, of 9 to 15,000 soldiers. It has no armor or air force; while the IDF, Israeli Defense Force, has an army of around 750,000l, tanks, armor personal carries and an Air Force. Hams has missiles that fire and land wherever they land; while Israel has artillery and nuclear weapons, and, thanks to the United States, one of the most technological advanced military’s in the world. Israel spends 57 Billion dollars a year or 6.9% of GDP on defense a year. So my question is how is Hamas going to defeat and destroy the Nation of Israel. War game that out for me. Explain, in detail, how that is going to happen. How does a 3rd rate army of 9 to 15,o00 with no armor or air force defeat Israel?

It is like a 2 year saying to you “I’m going to kick you ass” and then you freaking out about it and tell all your friends about how a 2 year old who is threatening kick your ass, and how you are afraid. Then you go ask your Uncle to buy you guns to protect yourself from the 2 year old.  Really? Israel has the ability to liquidate human being the entire Gaza Strip. They have one the the worlds most strongest military in the world.  So once again, explain to me how Hamas is going to destroy Israel.