COVID19, Why are we failing at this?

So as you all know COVID19 is ravaging through America. We have the highest oh death toll and the highest cases reported which;  those numbers are much higher than what is reported. That is right, America is winning at something.

I do not understand our response or the lack there from the President.  Believe it or not this is a hard problem to solve. There is a pandemic playbook that the Obama Administration produced.  If I were POTUS I would go to the CDC and say what do we do and what do you need, and just do it.  The CDC exists just for cases like this one.

Unfortunately though, we have a president whose ego is more important than the health of the nation. He also has treated the pandemic as a political problem rather than a public health problem; which it is. He has passed the buck to state governors, and has told them to solve it. Trump had the opportunity to knock this crisis out of the park and probably nail down re-election.  Instead, we have a public health crisis which has led to an economic crisis, and for Trump this has turned into his political nightmare.

There is absolutely no reason why we are here with the pandemic. By the time the election comes around we could be up to 200,000 dead.  This is what winning is Donald Trump’s world. This is what Donald Trump is asking America to continue to endure for the next four years. Like I said yesterday, this is where we are as a country. I do not know about you but I am tired of Donald Trump’s version winning.

Hi I am back. Man is there a lot to talk about .

Hey all, the last time I was here Donald Trump had just become the 45th President of the United States of America.  He is still the president and the next election is in almost 4 months 2 days from today.

Sadly, he has done a worse job than I could have imagined. We are in the middle of a pandemic which has led to an economic downturn that will be worse than the 2008 recession.  We have no leadership from the top. No man could solve the problems America faced but him and alone.  More so than Clinton or the current president at the Time, President Obama.

He promised America would win so much that we would get tired of winning. Well we are winning, we lead in the death count from COVID19, the new pandemic that keeps on giving, and highest case count. So bad that Americans are no longer permitted to travel to Europe.  So this is what Trump’s winning looks like.

So I am going to get back to writing.  Something I am somewhat good at. I have 3 blogs I am going to start writing in. This one I will cover politics and social issues. I have much to say and this is a great platform to say them on.

El Chapo in America

So El Chapo has been extradited to the United States. CURIOUS about something, why wasn’t there all the fear mongering from congress and FOX News on what a threat it would be if the was brought to the United States? Remember when President Obama tried to bring the prisoners from Guantánamo Bay  to the United States and Republicans freaked out because SOMEHOW in an alternate universe it somehow posed a threat to the United States if we brought them here.

The weird thing about that is El Chapo is the head of a  major drug cartel that is has great power and is a real threat here in the United States.  They have real reach here in the United States. Terrorist DO NOT. Terrorist are not the big bogie man that the incoming president make them out to be. They, at least under President Obama which might now change, could not orchestrate a major attack on the United States which what would have been needed to break out any terrorist. However, the drug cartels do have a lot of power here in the United States. That is just a fact of American life.  It was Mexican drug cartels wrote the book on beheading and other great atrocities. Mexican drug cartels have beheaded way more people than ISIS could ever dream of. But we don’t fear them, the real bogie man that live in America. NO we fear a joke of an organization that is dying. Yes, ISIS is a joke.  The best they can do is a few small  attacks in Europe. And that is the best they can do.

But the drug cartels, they can get anyone. They have that kind of power. But you did not see conservatives loose their minds over El Chapo. No no no. They don’t fear real threats, just paper tigers.

I am back and that is what it is.

19 Sept 2016.

So I am coming back to writing. There is so much I want to cover: The elections. sex trafficking and sexual violence, foreign policy, “terrorism, veterans issues,  society and matters of war and peace.   I have had so many issues living in my head and I have to talk about them. Plus, a lot of people want me to get back to writing.

See a lot of ignorance as well that I have to call out. We have the least qualified presidential candidate to ever run for president tying in the polls with arguably the most qualified candidate to have ever run.  Sex trafficking and violence hasn’t gone anywhere and  Black Lives Matter is talking about serious issues that need to be discussed. You all know how much I love talk about war and peace as well as foreign policy  and there is so much to cover there. I also need to talk about the great American freak out that is called terrorism:   Be afraid of the boogie man boys and girls.

So yeah, I am back here. I hope to write here at least once a day though would like to write more than that. I am also getting back to my other blogs My Journey into Film and Schroyboy so I have a lot of writing ahead. I want writing to be apart of my everyday life. I want to be known for my writings and the only way to do that is to write and write well. I know a lot of people want me to start again and I know this is what I am suppose to be doing.

Congress needs to put veterans first

Today, the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee will hear testimony on the Commission on Care’s final report on reforming the Veterans Health Administration. The Veterans Service Organizations and the Department of Veterans Affairs were not invited to participate in today’s discussion. That’s too bad — the VA and the VSOs could have provided compelling details to back up the commission’s call for congressional action.

From my perspective, the report is overall a validation of the course the VA has been on since I took the helm over two years ago. The president and I agree with 15 of the report’s 18 recommendations, and the VA has already accomplished or has been working on 12 of these through our ongoing MyVA transformation. That includes the report’s main recommendation: building a high-performing integrated health system combining VA care and VA-purchased community care. We are already moving in that direction, and our efforts are already improving veterans’ access to healthcare.

Last year, veterans completed nearly 4 million more appointments than the previous year. In March, they set a record for appointments completed at the VA: 5.3 million, 730,000 more than March 2014. That same month, the VA issued 268,000 authorizations for care in the community — twice as many as March 2014. In July, 96 percent of appointments were completed within 30 days of veterans’ preferred dates, 85 percent were completed within seven days and 22 percent were completed the same day.

The average wait time is around five days for primary care, six days for specialty care and two days for mental healthcare. Ninety percent of veterans we’ve surveyed are “satisfied or completely satisfied” with the timeliness of their care. Just 3 percent say they are dissatisfied. That’s still too many, and we won’t be satisfied until no veteran is dissatisfied.

I doubt there will be much mention of these achievements at today’s hearing. I also doubt there will be much discussion of the commission’s finding that VA care compares favorably in clinical quality to care in the private sector. The Independent Assessment came to the same conclusion, but some people have more to gain by ignoring the facts than by a full and open examination of them.

The commission did not recommend privatizing VA healthcare. Neither has any VSO. Privatization would be a boon for private-sector healthcare companies, including those represented on the commission, but as seven leading VSOs told the commission in April, it “could threaten the financial and clinical viability of some VA medical programs and facilities,” which would “fall particularly hard on the millions of veterans who rely on VA for all or most of their care.”

I strongly disagree with the commission’s recommendation of an independent VA board of directors. The Constitution won’t allow it, and, to me, as a business executive, the idea doesn’t make any sense. It would only make matters worse by complicating the bureaucracy at the top and spreading the responsibility for veterans’ healthcare so that no one knows who’s ultimately responsible.

The fact is, we already have a board of directors: Congress. If Congress worked the way it should, nobody would be talking about adding another layer of bureaucracy.

Veterans need Congress to do its job as a board.

Last week, I sent the Senate and House Veterans’ Affairs committees a detailed letter outlining urgent actions needed just to maintain current levels of care. These include approving the president’s 2017 budget request to keep up with rising costs and medical innovation; extending authorities to maintain services like transportation to VA facilities in rural areas and vocational rehabilitation; fixing provider agreements to keep long-term care facilities from turning veterans out to avoid the hassle of current requirements; and ending the arbitrary rule that won’t let the VA’s dedicated, conscientious medical professionals care for veterans for more than 80 hours in any federal pay period.

Only Congress can fix these problems, just as only Congress can modernize our antiquated claims appeals process. We have submitted to Congress a modernization plan developed with the help of VSOs and other veterans advocates. We have also submitted a plan to consolidate our many community care programs to make community care easier for veterans, providers and the VA.

We need Congress to act on these proposals.

The Senate Appropriations Committee has at least approved a budget nearly equal to the president’s request, and the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee has unanimously approved the Veterans First Act. The act isn’t all veterans need. It doesn’t address appeals. But it’s a start.

The act is aptly named. It’s time to put politics, ideology and special interests aside. It’s time to put veterans first.

McDonald is the secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Meditation in the Military — Carrying the Gun

Dr. Amisha Jha and Major General Walter Piatt were recently on Dan Harris’ podcast 10% Happier discussing the US military’s experiments with meditation practices. I’ve written about meditation and the military from a more personal experience previously. I don’t think I was aware of the meditation study conducted on returning soldiers from MG Piatt’s (then COL) […]

via Meditation in the Military — Carrying the Gun

The truth about tuition free college.

Here is the truth tuition free college: It makes total economic sense. First, graduates, like many veterans with the GI Bill, come out of college debt free. What does this mean to the real economy? Well it frees up capital, that would have been spent paying back loans, that is spent in the real economy. The one you and I live in. People spending money, not tax cuts to the rich, actually create jobs. Secondly, you have highly educated work force that will create new businesses and technologies; which creates jobs; which turns to more spending and tax revenue which pays for college tuition.

Then, the question of how do we pay for it? Well those people are going to go out and get jobs, make money and spend money. This money will be taxed. Thus paying for itself.  This is why the GI Bill doesn’t cost the tax payer money.   And that is why it makes economic sense.

Now who would be against this? Very simple: Wall St.  You see banks give out student loans and tact on high interest rates that the students have to pay back. This is money that is not being spent in the real economy. This is houses that are not being bought. This is jobs that are not created.

Free tuition and how Sanders fails at communicating this.

Free tuition is one of the best things we can do for this country. It just makes economic sense and it pays for itself.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is really bad at communicating ideas. This being one of them. Tuition free college pays for itself because the people that go to college get jobs and pay taxes thus paying back their tuition.

Also, it isn’t about redistribution. It is about fair distribution. The reason you are not making a good money is because money funnels to the top. This is what trickle down economics look like. You work hard for little so that the top become wealthier. This is why the Republicans have not had any new ideas on economics since Reagan.

Also, about taxes and why I am for the wealthy paying their fair share; which they do not now: Those of benefit the most from society should pay the most. It is that simple. They benefit from the military, infrastructure, our courts, labor, security and I could go on.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders Is has been terrible at communicating that. He just runs around saying he is going to tax the rich. Which taxing them just because they have money without cause would be pretty unfair. But they benefit the most from America so they should pay the most.

So it is a good time to start working on this blog.

So with everything that is going on in the world and here in America, I think it is time that I start writing on here in Notes from Outpost 187. This is a blog about politics, foreign policy and social issue blog, and there is much to write about. For those who know me know I have opinions and thoughts  on a wide range of topics. I try my best to be thoughtful and take a Socratic approach to things. I also have a great interest in our world, and I want to share them with you all.  I am merely trying to add to the discussion and contribute to our democracy.

I also would love to hear your opinions and thoughts. Please try to thoughtful and polite, but if you can’t be, I forgive you.