I want the Indiana and Arkansas Religious Freedom Restoration Act to stay in effect and here is why.

It is true,I want Indiana and Arkansas to keep their Religious Freedom Restoration Act to in place. It allows anyone to discriminate anyone they chooses base off their religious beliefs. That mean LGBT, black, minorities and whomever they choose to discriminate. The reason I want it to stay in place is because of the backlash it is and will cause. We see business, conventions and other groups  boycotting these states; which hits them hard economically .  This will make other states to think twice if they are thinking about passing their own RFRA.

These bills also show what the Republican party is really about.  They have become a religious party who, like ISIS, believes in strict social codes. The GOP and ISIS are vehemently against homosexuality and feel that it is an abomination to God.  This is based off of their interpretation of their religious text. This opposition  will drives people away from the GOP,because America has became a more tolerant nation. We are progressing in that way; which is nice to see.

Virgina finally gets on board with sex trafficking.

Believe it or not, Virgina is the only state in the union to not have sex trafficking laws, however that is about to change, for the state has passed new legislation making sex and child sex trafficking a crime.

Bill (HB 1964) 1). Clearly defines and establishes the offense of sex trafficking.
2). Establishes penalties that reflect the seriousness of the offense.
3). Specifically criminalizes child sex trafficking as a Class 3 felony without requiring prosecutors prove that force, intimidation or deception was used to cause the minor to engage in commercial sexual conduct given the way the traffickers recruit minors by preying on their vulnerability and trust.
4). Assists in protecting and properly identifying sex trafficking victims.
5). Closes a loophole in Virginia’s existing laws by criminalizing the recruitment of minors and adults for commercial sex—conduct which is currently not criminalized in Virginia.
  Source WDBJ Channel

This bill is a good start and is supported by Kids Not For Sale Coalition of Virgina, and is good to see this.  I feel that is a great start for Virgina.