Film on Sex Trafficking and bloging about sex traffing

So I am a filmmaker, multidisciplinary artist, thinker writer. In film I am a producer and director. Back in 2011, I decided to produce a film regrading sexual violence. I teamed up with the very talented screenwriter Semone Fournillier who is currently attending AFI American Film Institute. We did  lots of research and eventually Semone came up with a good screenplay. In it, it dealt with underage prostitution, rape and a predator; which lead me to going deeper into those subjects.

At the same time, I was starting to read post by Dr. Brook Bello on Twitter and Facebook. She is the founder of More to Life and a woman who has been waging war against the sex trade for a very long time, which restarted my interested in the sex trade and how it could be turned into a film. I say restarted because in 2004 I heard an interview with the writer Peter Landsman who was interviewed on the NPR’s Fresh Air. Peter had written, along with his wife who took pictures, an Exposé for the New York Times Magazine called The Girls Next StoreIt was one of the compelling and disturbing interviews I have ever listen to. So this something I have cared about.

I will be writing about the sex trade and when Semone is available will start back up on the film. I will be giving you tips on how to get involved and what you can do to help. It is amazing what a little pressure on the powers that can do.


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